Venus Flytrap Lego Sets – 2024 Edition

Having a Venus Flytrap Lego set is a dream come true for someone like me who loves Venus flytraps and the creative joy of building Lego sets. There’s something truly magical about being able to combine my two passions, bringing to life the captivating mechanisms of carnivorous plants through the art of Lego.

In this article about the 2024 Lego Venus flytrap sets, I share my experiences building two of the Lego sets which I think you’ll enjoy. The first is the Lego Tiny Plants set (#10329 – part of the Lego Botanical Collection). The second isn’t truly a Venus flytrap Lego set, but I hope you’ll understand why I included it – it’s the Lego Piranha Plant set (#71426 – part of the Lego Super Mario Collection).

All 9 plants from the Lego Tiny Plants set from the Lego Botanical Collection. The Lego Venus flytrap, sundew and pitcher plant are in the foreground, with the arid and tropical plants blurred in the background.
Lego Tiny Plants #10329

I hope you enjoy reading about these Lego Venus flytrap sets and it will inspire you to build them yourself!

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The Venus Flytrap Lego Sets for Sale in 2024

1. Lego Tiny Plants Review (#10329)

The Tiny Plants Lego set is a collection of nine beautiful plants including arid, tropical and yes, the reason we are here, carnivorous plants. There are three tiny plants in each set, for a total of nine plant species. Of the 11 types of carnivorous plants, the carnivorous plants included in this fun set include a Lego Venus flytrap, a Lego pitcher plant and a Lego sundew plant.

An 8-year old boy works on the Lego Tiny Plants set (Lego set #10329 - Botanical Collection).
My son working on the Lego sundew plant.

I had a such a great time building this Lego set with my family. It not only offers a unique building experience but also pays homage to the remarkable nature of these predatory plants in a way that’s both fun and educational.

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The Lego Venus Flytrap

Within the Lego “Tiny Plants” collection, the inclusion of a Venus Flytrap, alongside a sundew and a pitcher plant, showcases the diversity and allure of carnivorous plants. Each model is designed with an attention to detail that I deeply appreciate, capturing the essence of their real-life counterparts.

I bought the Tiny Plants set for the Venus Flytrap Lego model, but to be honest, it was my least favorite of the three Lego carnivorous plants. It’s really cute, and I’m going to be happy to display my Venus flytrap Lego plant, but to be honest I was disappointed the trap doesn’t properly close – a rare miss by the usually amazing Lego design team. (A little Lego fly to get stuck in the Venus flytrap would have also been a nice touch).

A Venus flytrap Lego - part of the Lego Tiny Plants set #10329.
The Lego Venus flytrap plant – Harry Potter minifigure for scale.

The Lego Sundew Plant

My favorite carnivorous plant in this fun Lego set was the sundew plant. Ever since discovering sundew plants on a family trip to Tofino, I’ve had a soft spot for these sticky little plants. I love how the Lego designers were able to capture the delicate beauty of this unique carnivorous plant.

A carnivorous sundew Lego plant from the Lego Tiny Plants set (10329). Hermione Granger minifigure for scale.
(Hermione Granger minifigure for scale).

The Lego Pitcher Plant

The Lego pitcher plant was really well done too. I first saw pitcher plants in the wild during a family trip to Wilmington, NC. I was wondering how the Lego design team could build such a unique plant, but they nailed it with their Lego pitcher plant.

A carnivorous pitcher plant made of Lego bricks from the Lego Tiny Plants set (10329). Ron Weasley Granger minifigure for scale.
(Ron Weasley minifigure for scale).

The Remaining 6 Lego Plants (Arid & Tropical).

Ok – I forgive the other six Lego Tiny Plants for not being carnivorous plants. I mean, we can’t all evolve into super cool flesh-eating plants, right?

The three plants in the tropical collection are Jade Plant, False Shamrock and Laceleaf, while the arid plants include Succulents, Prickly Pear and Pincushion cacti. All these Lego plants are well-designed and fun to build, but I especially liked the Jade Plant and the Pincushion cactus.

Succulents, Prickly Pear and Pincushion cacti plants all made from Lego in the Lego Tiny Plants set (#10329).
The arid plants (A Joey minifigure from Friends for scale).
Tropical plants including Jade Plant, False Shamrock and Laceleaf plants all made from Lego in the Lego Tiny Plants set (#10329).
The tropical Lego plants.

Final Thoughts: Lego Venus Flytrap Set Review

One of my favorite parts about building the carnivorous plants in this Lego set was the really creative way the designers used existing Lego pieces in new and creative ways. I won’t spoil anything, but be prepared to be amused by their choice of Lego pieces!

Also note that the Lego Tiny Plants set has a suggested age range of 18+. I expect this is to entice adults to buy the set, differentiating it from Lego sets made for kids. My kids (8 & 10) helped build this Lego set and had no difficulties at all. There are some small pieces, which need to be put together quite specifically, so this Lego set may not be suitable for younger kids.

The Lego Tiny Plants set includes carnivorous plants, arid plants and tropical plants. The carnivorous plants include a Lego Venus fly trap, a sundew plant and a pitcher plant.

Lego was thoughtful enough to provide three separate instruction booklets, which means that up to three people can build these tiny plants at the same time. This makes it a great Lego set for family fun time.

It was totally worth buying the Tiny Plants set for the three carnivorous plants. While the Venus Flytrap Lego plant was a little disappointing, overall I’m very happy with this Lego set from the Botanical Collection.

A Harry Potter minifigure stands with a Venus flytrap Lego, a sundew and a pitcher plant - all from the Lego Tiny Plants collection #10329.

2. Super Mario Piranha Plant (#71426)

Ok, ok… as I mentioned above, the Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant isn’t really a Lego Venus flytrap, but it’s super cool and it is definitely inspired by a Venus flytrap. I’ve been playing Super Mario games since the original NES days, so I was really excited to buy the Lego Piranha Plant set!

A medium sized Lego set with 540 pieces, the Super Mario Piranha Plant set was a fun morning activity for my son and I. At first I was a bit puzzled as to why the interior of the green pot was so intricate and detailed, but it made sense later in the set.

An 8-year old boy works on the Super Mario Piranha Plants Lego set (Lego set #71426).
My 8-year old working on the Lego Piranha Plant set.

Making the green pot was fun, but the real star of the show was building the iconic piranha plant face. I genuinely applaud the Lego designers on their work, as the piranha plant face is incredible! Building the piranha plant face was pretty technical in parts – it reminded me of building some of Technic Lego sets (like the Grave Digger monster truck and the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter).

The finished Lego Piranha Plant is pretty amazing. It’s even adjustable, allowing you to vary which way the plant tilts, and how open its mouth is. I loved how you can drop Super Mario gold coins into the pot, and then get them out via a clever trap door mechanism (the surprise from the green pot section).

A fully asembled Lego Piranha Plant from Lego set #71426 - part of the Lego Super Mario Collection.

Although this Venus flytrap inspired Lego set is rated 18+, I was able to build this set with my 8 year old son. Some of the intricate steps within the piranha plant face may be too challenging for kids who don’t have much Lego experience, but I imagine most kids should be able to complete this Lego set without issue.

Venus Flytrap Lego Set Review Summary

All told, I love my 2024 collection of Venus flytrap Lego sets. I have the larger piranha plant at the back, with my Lego Venus flytrap, sundew plant and pitcher plants in the front. As you can see, it looks awesome!

Two Venus flytrap Lego sets on display together: Lego Tiny Plants (10329) and Lego Piranha Plant (71426).

I had a great time building both of the Venus flytrap lego sets currently for sale on the Lego store. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with the Lego Venus flytrap in the Tiny Plants set, but it is really cute and I think the sundew and pitcher plant make up for it. Personally, I’d recommend both of these Venus flytrap Lego sets, especially if you are a fan of both Lego and carnivorous plants like I am.

Happy building!

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