9 Best Venus Flytrap Books for Kids

Try to imagine what goes on in a child’s mind when they first learn about Venus flytraps. To discover there’s a plant which has jaws that snap shut and eat bugs – that must be among the coolest things ever!! There’s no better way to fuel your child’s thirst for knowledge about these incredible carnivorous plants than with fun & informative Venus flytrap books for kids.

image of a girl leaning about STEM with a venus fly trap book for kids

Our kids (aged 6 & 8) have read most of the Venus flytrap children’s books we list below, so we have firsthand knowledge about what makes a great Venus flytrap book for kids. With the exception of the super-fun Batman book, these books are filled with fun Venus flytrap facts for kids.

kids love books about venus flytraps

In our experience, books with plenty of colorful pictures of Venus flytraps eating bugs make the best books about Venus flytraps for kids. Throw in some fun Venus flytrap facts and tips on how to care for your own Venus flytrap plant indoors, and you’ll have a child that is very excited about nature and science!

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Fun Fiction Venus Flytrap Books for Kids

One of the best ways for a child to learn is for them to think they are not learning at all! These fun fiction Venus flytrap books for kids will keep your child entertained and thirsting for more knowledge about these amazing carnivorous plants.

Triple Pet Trouble

Our kids love the colorful, fun and (sneakily) informative books by Megan McDonald! The “Stinkseries of books is most popular with our son, while the Judy Moody books (she’s Stink’s sister) are preferred by our daughter.

This Judy Moody book has many venus flytrap facts for kids

In Triple Pet Trouble, Judy Moody and her friends have three separate adventures with their pets: her Venus flytrap, her cat Mouse, and Stink’s pet toad Toady. The first story in Triple Pet Trouble is “Jaws in Love”, where Judy and Stink worry about their Venus flytrap plant, which is starting to wilt and turn black.  

Kids will love the fun story about Venus flytraps and the colorful, large pictures. Along the way, author Megan McDonald sneaks in all sorts of interesting facts about Venus flytraps for kids.

In this Venus flytrap book for kids, they will learn where Venus flytraps grow in the wild, what Venus flytraps eat and learn about other species of carnivorous plants.

Every child’s reading level is different, but Judy Moody’s Triple Pet Trouble features an easy-to-follow story with small, simple words and large pictures.

best plant books for kids aged 4 - 6

Details for Triple Pet Trouble:
* Author: Megan McDonald
* Pages: 64
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids aged 4-6 or in preschool to grade 1

Inspector Flytrap

Inspector Flytrap is a series of chapter books by children’s book author Tom Angleberger (who is best known for the Origami Yoda series of books).

Inspector Flytrap is a popular series of venus fly trap children's books

The Inspector Flytrap series of children’s books are about a Venus flytrap who loves to solve mysteries. Inspector Flytrap is joined by his sidekick Nina the Goat (who has a terrible habit of eating the clues). Nina hilariously helps Inspector Flytrap get around by putting his pot on a skateboard and pushes him from place-to-place.

The Inspector Flytrap books feature tons of fun illustrations sure to make kids laugh. Although Tom Angleberger sprinkles in a few fun facts about Venus flytraps, the Inspector flytrap books are more about entertaining kids, with lots of jokes and a fun story about a Venus flytrap who solves mysteries!

The Inspector Flytrap books are chapter books, with more words than pictures, making them good Venus Flytrap books for kids who have taken the step into beginner chapter books.

best children's books about venus flytraps

There are three Inspector Flytrap books for kids!

Details for the Inspector Flytrap books:
* Author: Tom Angleberger
* Pages: all three Inspector Flytrap books are 112 pages long
* These Venus flytrap books are for kids aged 6-9 or in grades 1-4.

The Villainous Venus Flytrap

Our 6-year old son loves this fun Batman & Robin book! Part of the Tales of the Batcave series of kid books, The Villainous Venus Flytrap book is a fun super-hero book for both boys and girls.

Tales of the Batcave book about venus fly trap for kids

In this adventure, Batman & Robin are enlisted to help recapture Poison Ivy after a daring escape from prison. When Batman & Robin finally catch up to the escaped prisoner, Poison Ivy introduces the heroes to her new friend, a giant Venus flytrap plant!

The giant Venus flytrap plant is drawn in such a campy and fun way for kids. The giant Venus flytrap is way taller than Batman & Robin and has three heads with razor sharp teeth (like a shark).

There is nothing educational about Venus flytraps in this book for kids, in fact, they get many facts about Venus flytraps wrong. But that’s ok, because this book has Batman & Robin and a giant, three-headed Venus flytrap in it – this book is clearly just for fun!

best books for 6 year old boys - The Villainous Venus Flytrap - Batman book
This Batman Venus flytrap book gets a thumbs up from our 6-year old

Details for The Villainous Venus Flytrap:
* Author: Michael Dahl
* Pages: 40
* This Venus flytrap book is for slightly older kids in grades 4-8.

Educational Venus Flytrap Children’s Books

If your child wants some fun facts about Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants, these STEM books for kids are perfect. Simply written with young readers in mind, these educational Venus flytrap books for kids are filled with colorful pictures and fun facts.

Hungry Plants

Part of the very popular Step into Reading program by Penguin Random House, Hungry Plants is a perfect kids’ book about Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants for kids aged 7-9 or in grades 2-4.

Hungry Plants is full of venus flytrap fun facts for kids

The writing style of Hungry Plants is so fun, and the subject is so cool, that kids will forget that they are learning.

Hungry Plants has chapters celebrating all the cool stuff about carnivorous plants. In Hungry Plants kids will learn about carnivorous plants that trap food in their jaws (like the Venus flytrap), plants that suck in their food, plants that drown their food (pitcher plants) and plants which are so sticky their prey cannot escape.

There’s also an excellent section in Hungry Plants which teaches kids to be responsible with nature as many of these super-cool carnivorous plants are endangered in the wild.

Hungry Plants is one of the best children's books about Venus fly traps

Details for Hungry Plants:
* Author: Mary Batten
* Pages: 48
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids in grades 2-4.

Venus Flytrap: A Science Guide for Kids & Teachers (Grades 4-6)

The very first thing we noticed about this educational book about Venus flytraps is the amount of large and colorful pictures. Venus flytraps are such cool plants, that kids are really attracted by interesting pictures of the plant eating a variety of bugs. The excellent pictures in this Venus flytrap book will keep kids interested, even as they learn a wide variety of facts about this amazing carnivorous plant.

STEM books for kids about Venus flytraps

As you’d expect in a science guide, this educational book has a lot of interesting facts about Venus flytraps for kids. It begins with a section about the different kinds of carnivorous plants, before delving into much more detail about Venus flytraps. Kids will learn about the history of this amazing carnivorous plant, its natural habitat and of course, how the Venus flytrap is able to eat insects.

This educational Venus flytrap book for kids finishes with some fun suggestions for hands-on learning projects to do at home or at school, along with some useful tips on how to grow a Venus flytrap at home.

Venus flytrap: A Science Guide for Kids & Teachers achieves a good balance of being fun to read with having lots of useful facts about Venus flytraps. Our daughter (currently in grade 3), really enjoys reading this educational Venus flytrap book.

books about venus flytraps help girls learn about science and nature

Details for Venus Flytrap: A Science Guide for Kids & Teachers:
* Authors: Kathleen J. Honda and Makoto Honda
* Pages: 50
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids in grades 2-4

Venus Flytrap: A Bug Eating Plant

Brought to you by the same authors as the science guide above, this book about Venus flytraps is a STEM book targeting at kids in Grades 1-3. This book also features lots of great information and pictures of Venus flytraps, but the writing in this science guide is much simpler for a younger audience.

Venus flytrap books for grades 1-4

Young kids learning about nature will love learning about how a Venus flytrap attracts and the eats bugs. And, if your child wants to try growing a Venus flytrap at home, there are simple tips for caring for your plant.

Details for Venus Flytrap: A Bug Eating Plant:
* Authors: Kathleen J. Honda and Makoto Honda
* Pages: 38
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids in grades 1-3

Eaten Alive by Carnivorous Plants

Yet another excellent book by the Honda authors, Eaten Alive by Carnivorous Plants focuses on the over 750 plants around the world which eat meat, including, of course, the beloved Venus flytrap.

science books for kids - venus flytrap books

As with the other books about Venus flytraps by the Honda’s, this book is written in an informative, yet fun style, accompanied by lots of colorful pictures.

Details for Eaten Alive by Carnivorous Plants:
* Authors: Kathleen J. Honda and Makoto Honda
* Pages: 48
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids in grades 2-4

Predator Plants: 20 Questions Kids Ask About Carnivorous Plants

This introductory book on carnivorous plants answers many of the interesting questions your kids have about carnivorous plants. With color pictures on nearly every page, Predator Plants is sure to entertain and inform your curious child.

books about venus fly trap for kids

The first 15 questions in this children’s STEM book are all about how carnivorous plants work, while the final five questions deal specifically with the Venus flytrap.

To help cement your child’s learning in a fun way, the author has included a series of puzzles at the end of the book including word searches, simple crossword puzzles, etc.

Details for Predator Plants: 20 Questions Kids Ask About Carnivorous Plants:
* Author: Yvonne Krishnan
* Pages: 61
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids in grades 2-5

Scary Plants

This STEM book for kids is brought to you by the trusted folks at the Smithsonian Institute. Filled with lots of colorful pictures, kids will learn all about carnivorous plants and how they can trap, prick, sting and even poison their prey.

Scary Plants is a venus fly trap children's book

Details for Scary Plants:
* Author: Janet Lawler
* Pages: 48
* This Venus flytrap book is for kids aged 6-8

We hope that you’ll enjoy some of these Venus flytrap books for kids and it helps instill a lifelong interest in the wonders of nature!

If you’d like to supplement the information in these kids books, check out some of hte best educational Venus flytrap videos for kids.

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