10 Awesome Venus Flytrap Halloween Decorations

For many, finding the best halloween decorations is the best part about this spooky October holiday. If you are looking for fun & unique ideas this year, check out these amazing Venus flytrap halloween decorations. They are sure to delight your guests and scare your trick-or-treaters!

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Top 10 Venus Flytrap Decorations

1. Greet Kids with a Monster Venus Flytrap

best yard halloween decorations - giant venus fly trap plants

Imagine having a giant Venus flytrap greet your little trick-or-treaters on Halloween night! These awesome Venus flytrap plants measure almost 2 feet tall. The perfect Venus flytrap halloween decor for your front lawn!

2. Lego Venus Flytrap Sets

Two Venus flytrap Lego sets on display together: Lego Tiny Plants (10329) and Lego Piranha Plant (71426).

I recently bought two awesome Venus flytraps sets from Lego. The first one is the Tiny Plants Lego set which includes three species of carnivorous plants. You’ll love building and displaying a Lego Venus flytrap, a sundew plant and a pitcher plant.

But as far as Venus flytrap halloween decorations go, the winner is the Lego Piranha Plant set. You’ll recognise this famous guy from the Super Mario franchise.

Get all the information from my review of the Lego Venus flytrap sets.

3. Angry Venus Fly Trap Plants

These cute figurines make fun venus fly trap halloween decor

Standing roughly 8″ tall, these individually made Venus flytrap plants are awesome halloween decorations. These halloween decorations would look equally good inside for a halloween party decoration or greeting the little trick-or-treaters on your front porch.

Each Venus flytrap is hand-crafted with unique leaves and patterns.

4. A Scary Venus Flytrap Flower Arrangement

This scary floral arrangement is a unique venus fly trap halloween decoration

The perfect centerpiece for your Halloween party, this ghoulish artificial Venus flytrap floral arrangement will have all your guests talking.

5. Dancing Venus Flytrap Pumpkin

Kids will love this singing and dancing venus flytrap halloween decoration

Little kids always love singing and dancing holiday decorations! This halloween entertain your kids with this set of singing and dancing Venus flytrap plants inside a pumpkin.

6. Faux Venus Flytrap Halloween Decor

best etsy halloween decorations

Don’t want to grow your own Venus flytrap this halloween? Get a faux Venus flytrap instead!

This 12″ tall fake Venus flytrap plant comes with a trapped spider (also fake!) inside a glass cloche dome. This handmade giant Venus flytrap would look great on the table next to your halloween candy!

7. Mini Man-Eating Plant

these miniatures make a fun venus fly trap halloween decoration for your home

These terrifyingly cute Miniature Man-Eating Plants make a perfect Venus flytrap halloween decoration for your home. Only 2″ tall, you’ll have room in your Halloween display for all three of these fun Venus flytrap miniatures.

8. Made to Order, Crochet Venus Fly Trap

make your house scary with this venus fly trap halloween decoration

Your family and guests will love this unique halloween decoration. The artist who creates these handmade crochet Venus flytrap plants can customize your 8″ carnivorous plant in a wide variety of ways. Create the Venus flytrap of your dreams (or nightmares) and take your halloween decorations to a new level this year!

9. DIY Man-Eating Plant for Halloween

diy felt halloween decorations - crochet Venus fly trap pattern

If you are in the market for a very fun DIY Venus fly trap halloween decoration, look no further than this crochet pattern.

A pattern for advanced crocheters, this bouquet of colorful Venus flytrap plants will be a whimsical addition to your halloween decorations this year. Watch your fingers – they’re hungry!

10. Make Your Kitchen Scary this Halloween

Venus flytrap halloween decorations for your kitchen

Why not bring some scary halloween decorations into your kitchen this year? The subtle Venus flytrap design on this embroidered waffle weave towel will have your family in stitches. This Venus flytrap towel is definitely a unique halloween decoration!

Chances are good that if you’re looking for the best Venus flytrap halloween decorations that you are a big fan of these carnivorous plants. Why not kill a few minutes watching these awesome Venus flytrap videos!

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