The 10 Best Venus Flytrap Videos

Need proof that the Venus flytrap is the world’s coolest plant? Just check out the massive view counts for Venus flytrap videos on YouTube. Many of the most popular videos have over 10,000,000 views, with some over 30,000,000!

By comparison, the most popular “Rose Gardening” video has a measly 7M views. Take that, stupid roses!

There are Venus flytrap videos for everyone. Of course, everyone wants to watch cool videos of Venus flytraps catching insects (see our #1 video below!), but there’s also funny Venus flytrap videos, educational videos for adults and kids, and of course, the ever-popular videos of Venus flytraps eating fingers!

We’ve watched a ton of Venus flytrap videos. Here are the 10 best:

1. Best Video of a Venus Flytrap Catching Insects

With over 35 million views, this is currently the most watched Venus Flytrap video on YouTube. And for good reason – this is the ultimate video of Venus flytrap plants catching insects!

This YouTube video captures close-ups of a Venus flytrap plant attempting to catch a wasp, a ladybug, a snail, a fly, beetles, a worm, a moth, ants, a grasshopper, a caterpillar, a creepy spider, a slug, a tiny frog, and lots of creepy bug I didn’t recognize.

2. Best Funny Venus Flytrap Video

Brought to you by the comedic team of Jesse and Mike, this funny 2-minute video features a Venus flytrap biting a finger off! It’s a hilarious, over-the-top fake gore video where a talking Venus flytrap demands more gummy worms or it will bite off more fingers.

Due to the fake blood and a protruding finger bone, this funny Venus flytrap video is age-restricted and can only be watched on the YouTube site (where they can verify your age).

Be sure to come back to see the rest of the best Venus flytrap videos!

3. Best Venus Flytrap Facts Video

This amazing 5-minute YouTube video by the True Facts guy zefrank1, features tons of very interesting facts about Venus flytraps with lots of stunning video to back them up.

This video is technically about all carnivorous plants, so in addition to Venus flytrap facts, this video also covers Sundew plants with some truly amazing footage of how they capture insects. You’ll also enjoy some very unique camera angles capturing insects falling into pitcher plants.

The narration of this carnivorous plants video is fluid and quite funny, although some of the humor/language may not be suitable for smaller kids.

4. Best Video of a Venus Flytrap Eating Fingers

You wouldn’t believe the massive view counts for videos of Venus flytraps eating fingers! Well, actually, we can believe it, cuz watching Venus flytraps eat human fingers is pretty darn cool!

This hilarious 7-minute video features a guy who tricks a Venus flytrap to close around his pinky and middle fingers. He then duck tapes the Venus flytrap plant to his hand so he can walk around all day while the Venus flytrap eats his fingers.

Tune in and discover what happens when a Venus flytrap actually eats human fingers for a day!!

5. Man Eating Plant (Take 2)

If you don’t have 7 minutes to watch the above video, try this extremely popular 40 second video of a Venus flytrap eating fingers.

6. Best Venus Flytrap Video for Kids

This fun & educational Venus flytrap video for kids is brought to you by the massively popular YouTube channel Ryan’s World.

This colorful 7-minute video teaches kids about how & why carnivorous plants eat bugs. This well-researched educational video has lots of fun facts about Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants such as Butterwort, pitcher plants and Drosera. There’s even a fun quiz about carnivorous plants for kids at the end!

This kid-friendly video is all G-rated content with no actual videos of Venus flytraps catching insects.

7. Best Educational Venus Flytrap Video

Brought to you by the amazing minds of Science Insider, this 5-minute Venus flytrap video for kids makes learning about this carnivorous plant fun.

Kids (and adults) will learn all about how a Venus flytrap works, how it captures insects and how it digests the bugs. This fun, educational video for kids gives viewers a ton of fascinating facts about this amazing North Carolina carnivorous plant.

8. Rapid-fire Insect Catching

Brought to you by the same team who made our #1 Venus flytrap video, this short YouTube video features tons of insects being captured.

There’s a little bit of repeat footage between the two videos, but that’s ok, because each insect capture video is so short and, let’s be honest, it’s all awesome footage of Venus flytraps catching insects.

9. A Venus Flytrap Eating…. Jelly Beans?

I love Jelly Bellies! And, apparently, so does this Venus flytrap. Although the rule of thumb is to never feed a Venus flytrap human food, apparently they like Jelly Belly beans. Who knew?

10. Best Slo-mo Video of a Venus Flytrap

If, like me, you love watching the traps on a Venus flytrap plants close, you’ll enjoy this YouTube video with lots of slow motion close-ups. Many of the sequences show a man-made object (a match, etc.) triggering the hairs on the trap, but there’s also videos of Venus flytraps catching insects too!

That’s it! We hope you loved these top 10 Venus flytrap videos as much as we did!

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