caring for venus fly traps indoors

How to Care for Venus Flytraps Indoors

Venus flytraps are fascinating carnivorous plants that are much more interactive than your everyday herb. Thanks to their bifold “mouths” and long, trigger-haired “fangs,” Venus flytraps are one of the most intriguing plants available for home gardeners. While outdoor care is relatively easy in suitable soil and climate, many recreational botanists scratch their heads and wonder how to care for Venus flytraps indoors.

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guide to feeding a Venus flytrap

What to Feed a Venus Flytrap?

In their natural habitat, Venus flytraps supplement their diet with many types of insects and arachnids. If you decide to grow a Venus flytrap outdoors, they generally can catch enough insects to fulfill their nutritional needs by themselves. However, if that is not an option due to your region’s climate, you have several other options as to what to feed your Venus flytrap.

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a guide on how to buy venus fly trap online

A Guide to Buying Venus Flytraps Online

Carnivorous plants are becoming an increasingly popular hobby among gardening enthusiasts. They’re simply more interesting than your standard flower, and they help control pests in your own home. 

Now, flytraps are as simple to get as clicking a few buttons from your couch. An online Venus flytrap purchase is quick, easy, and remarkably reliable. You just need to know where to get a Venus flytrap plant for sale. 

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image of a girl leaning about STEM with a venus fly trap book for kids

9 Best Venus Flytrap Books for Kids

Try to imagine what goes on in a child’s mind when they first learn about Venus flytraps. To discover there’s a plant which has jaws that snap shut and eat bugs – that must be among the coolest things ever!! There’s no better way to fuel your child’s thirst for knowledge about these incredible carnivorous plants than with fun & informative Venus flytrap books for kids.

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